Should You Hire A Cleaning Service Before You Move In?

Should you hire a cleaning service before you move into your new office or house?
What are some of the advantages of hiring a cleaning service to clean before you move in?
One reason you should hire a professional cleaning service is moving is hard work. You have to pack and move boxes. You also have to move furniture. This is all very hard work. Who wants to take a day cleaning their office or home before they move into it? More
 A Cleaning Service For Your Property: Landlord and Realtor’s Blog

Are you a landlord who gets tired of tenants moving out and you go look at the property and the property is filthy?

There is more dirt in this property and you don’t know where to begin to start to clean this mess up.
If this keeps happening to you and you are tired of taking your valuable time to clean, then you should consider hiring a cleaning service for this ongoing problem. Are you a landlord who gets tired of tenants moving out and you go look at the property and the property is filthy?
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  Questions You Need To Ask If You Want A Professional Cleaning Service For Your Business:
It doesn’t matter what type of business you own. You can have a major industrial business or a small office. You still have to keep in mind that the building's restrooms, break rooms and offices need to be cleaned and should be cleaned on a regular schedule. If you have many employees for your business, then you know how fast a restroom or break room can get dirty and this is why you need to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of these cleaning needs for you.  Read More
 Moving? Hire A Professional Cleaning Service
Have you decided to move? There is nothing worse than moving. It involves so much work. You have to pack and go through things. It takes several days to pack. If you have lived in your home or apartment for awhile, then you have more stuff than you did when you first moved in. For a family it can take weeks to pack all your items to move.
There are so many things you have to do to prepare to move. Besides packing, you have to clean your future home or apartment. You don’t want to move in before you clean. You don’t know how the previous occupants were. Read more
 Do You Have A Maid Service For Your Post Party or Event Clean Up?

Have you had a party or event in the past? Do you remember what happens when the event or party is over? The dreaded clean up. Having a party or event requires a lot of work and the biggest job is the cleaning up after the event or party is over. It seems that you have hours of work facing you.
While you are having your event or party you are always running around trying to keep up with the mess. When you are doing this, then you are not enjoying your party or event. You should consider hiring a maid service to come in and do the post party or event clean up. This would take away a ton of stress and work from you. This also allows you to actually enjoy your party or event with your guests.  Read More
 How to Hire A Cleaning Service For Your Office
If you are a doctor, lawyer or have a business that has many offices in your building and you need to hire a cleaning service there are things you should know before you hire a cleaning service.
There are many things you need to keep in mind that are very important to ask a potential cleaning service. 
 How do you hire an excellent employee?
Having a team that can provide excellent service to your clients is the most important thing you can have. The team is who you are depending on to represent your company and do the job right. You want to have a team that is responsible and effective. How to hire employees can be tedious, but can be done with some simple tips. Read More

Holiday Party? Let The Professionals Do The Work

With the holidays approaching many people plan on having holiday parties. Holiday parties can be a lot of work. With the food, entertainment, decorations and guests the last thing you want to have to worry about is cleaning your home.

The appearance of your home is very important when you are having a holiday party. You want your home to look great. Your home is an impression of you. You want to have your guests admire your home and to do this it does involve a lot of cleaning.

Most people who are going to have a holiday party want to detail clean their home. This can take several days. You want to get dust that has gathered in ceiling corners. You want to vacuum all your furniture. Bathrooms need to be cleaned. This is a lot of work.

You can ease some of the pressure of having a holiday party when you hire a professional cleaning service. You can focus on the food and decorations instead of cleaning for days. By the time you clean for several days, then decorate and do the food for your party you will be exhausted and not enjoy your guests or the party.

Hire a professional cleaning service to come in a few days before your holiday party is scheduled. Let the professional cleaning service deep clean your home. The professional cleaning team will dust from top to bottom. They will do the bathrooms for you. The professionals will deep clean the area where you and your guests will be so your home is presentable and clean.

                                 You can focus on your menu and food for your holiday party when you hire a professional cleaning service. You
can start your baking and cooking. You can hang any decorations for your party now that the cleaning team has come in and done all your detail cleaning for you. Once you have all this done, then you can have the professional cleaning service come in a day before your party and do a quick clean so that everything is clean and ready for your party.

The cost for you to hire a professional cleaning service to come to your home and clean before your holiday party is priceless. Just having the pressure of not having the cleaning to do will free up your time so you can                                          focus on other important factors of your holiday party.

Enjoy throwing holiday parties when you know you don't have to clean for days before the party. What's even better is having the cleaning service come out to your home and they will even do the cleaning up after your party is over. This is just as much work as cleaning before the holiday party. Let your guests enjoy your party and have a good time. You don't need to worry about any mess because the professional cleaning service can come out the next day and clean all the party mess.

You can now enjoy throwing holiday parties when you hire a professional cleaning service to do the before and after cleaning for you. When you plan on having a holiday party don't forget to call Jericho Cleaning Service
. Free Phone Estimate 214-317-1867

You have worked all week and finally the weekend has come. The last thing you want to do is clean all weekend. You work hard all week. You don't want to spend the only two days off cleaning. If you do your cleaning on the weekends, then before you know it the weekend is over. You haven't enjoyed your days off or the weekend and it is back to work Monday morning.

You can eliminate this problem. You can have  Jericho Cleaning Service come on Friday and do all the work for you. How great would it be for you to come home Friday evening from work and your house is sparkling clean? You can kick off your shoes and enjoy your clean home.

You will be able to make plans for Friday night knowing that you don't have to get up Saturday morning and clean all day. You will be able to spend quality time with your family. Enjoy events and festivals because you don't need to clean all weekend.

You can do this when you hire a  Cleaning Company to come to your home to do your cleaning for you. You can have Jericho Cleaning Service come on Friday before you get off of work or you can have them come Saturday morning. You can do your errands while they clean your home on Saturday.

The cost is minimal when it comes to the time you save yourself by not having to spend your only days off on weekend cleaning. A professional cleaning team can come in your home and have it cleaned in no time at all. They will do all the cleaning that you dread every weekend.

The professional cleaning service will have the team come in and do your dusting, vacuuming, floors and that dreaded bathroom. They will even make your beds. How great is that? To know you can enjoy your time off without having to clean.

There are so many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home for you on the weekends. One of the major benefits is the time you save yourself from being stuck at home cleaning and not enjoying your weekend. The next major and important benefit is the time you will be able to spend with your family and friends. When you work all the time and never have any enjoyment in life, then you are missing out on life.

The cost of having a professional cleaning service come to your home on the weekend is very reasonable. The professional cleaning service will use their cleaning products. You are saving money on cleaning supplies. The professional cleaning service will do all those cleaning jobs that you hate to do such as dusting and vacuuming.

You should consider having a professional cleaning service to do all the cleaning for you. Once you have had the professional cleaning service come to your home, then you will have them back every week.  Give the professionals a call and enjoy your weekend and days off. Don't hesitate. Call the professionals today! 214-317-1867 Free Estimate


Who doesn’t? And there are two ways you can accomplish this. First, you could call Jericho Cleaning Service.
That’s right, just pick up the phone and call us. It's that easy. Or, you could do it yourself. Let’s look at each.

  • Doing it yourself.

You are one brave person! Honest. So let’s go through the steps it will take you to get that super clean house. To start off, you have to go to the supermarket and get supplies. Let’s see – you get your cart and head to the cleaning supplies aisle.

First you pick up some paper toweling. Then you might stop by and get some floor cleaning solution. Now, you’re going to need some good furniture polish, and lets not forget the stuff to clean the tile, grout, toilet bowls, and sinks. Then, you’re probably going to need some new mops, sponges, a good broom, plus something to clean and sanitize counters and other areas. There you go. Voila! You have all your supplies and you’re ready to clean your house.

  •  Oops!
As you drive away from the market with your cleaning arsenal you suddenly remember that you’re out of vacuum bags. So, you make a u-turn and head to the vacuum cleaner store and pick some up. Now, at last, you’re ready!

As you pull into your driveway …
… you see a Jericho Cleaning Service van at your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor looks happy. The nice folks from Jericho Cleaning Service look happy. As you struggle carrying your supplies into your house, you’re not looking happy. But, you shrug it off and with a determined glint in your eye, you start cleaning.

Four hours later …… your house is clean and spotless. And you did it in four hours, the average time it takes to thoroughly clean a 2,800 sq. ft. house. Whew! Good job! Now get set to do it all over again next week.

Or, you could call Jericho Cleaning Service.
Just like your smiling neighbor next door. You know, the one who always looks fresh, and has time to get pedicures, manicures, do yoga and all that other stuff. She knows something you don’t. Jericho Cleaning Service does a tremendous job at a very reasonable price. They’re polite, arrive on time, and (sorry to say) they’ll actually do a more thorough job than you could. That’s because they’re professionals, and cleaning is what they do for a living. They even clean office and commercial buildings as well. And they can shampoo your carpets and make them look like new!

Get $20 off your Initial cleaning!

Just to show you that we really want your business, Jericho Cleaning Service (for a limited time only) will give you $20 off your Initial house cleaning. How about that! That’s better than a fried chicken picnic on a Sunday afternoon!

  •  So reach for that phone.

Call the nice folks at Jericho Cleaning Service. Then make an appointment to get your own pedicure! Have we made your day? Call us at 214-317-1867





Chances are, he hasn’t learned his lesson. It’s been rumored that he’s been scoping out generators down at the local hardware store. You better act fast, or this year you won’t be talking to him for two weeks! He and his generator will be sleeping in the garage.

What to do?

One thing for sure, you have to make him think it’s his idea, silly person that he is. You can’t come right out and tell him that you want Jericho Cleaning Service to come and clean your house on a regular basis. Otherwise he’ll get all huffy and go sulk over at your mother-in-law’s. No, that won’t do at all.

You have to leave subtle hints.

Like putting a note on his pillow that says “Jericho Cleaning Service will give you $25 off your first cleaning,” then pretend that you don’t know where it came from. Or, you could stencil Jericho Cleaning Service Does It Best” on the front of your nightie. That might get his attention. And then there’s the old, tried-and-true tactic that works every time. You simply stop cleaning the house. After a few weeks he’ll probably notice and ask why? That’s when you break into tears and run crying from the room yelling “Jericho save me!” No way he can ignore that!

And if all else fails

You sit him down for a little heart-to-heart. You could start by saying something like, “Look, Jericho Cleaning Service is the best cleaning and maid service in all of in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen. They polish, they clean, they scrub. They get houses like ours so clean they sparkle … and we could use a little more sparkle around here...that’s for sure!” Then he’ll probably get all grumpy and say that it’s too expensive. That’s when you tell him how reasonable Jericho Cleaning Service really is.

At this point he has no way out.

He’s cooked. It’s over. You’ve won big time. No electric can opener this year! But you have to leave him with a little bit of dignity. After he gives you a gift certificate for Jericho Cleaning Service you can give him a big kiss. Then, as an aside, whisper, “Hey, big guy, I hear they’re having a sale on generators down at the hardware store. Want to go look?”
This is what is called a marriage made in heaven!  Here is our  number 214-317-1867 Free Estimate




Sad but true. But at
Jericho Cleaning Service we only clean homes in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area, so going all the way to Washington, D.C. would be a little out of our territory. And with all that gridlock and stuff, who’d want to go there anyway? Nope, we like it right here, and we’re proud to say, our customers like us too!

When we clean your home, your home is really going to get clean!

This is what we do, and we do it very well. All of our team members are thoroughly trained in all the latest cleaning techniques. You’ll find them pleasant, courteous, professional and punctual. Our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly. We take every possible step to make sure we not only leave you with a clean house, but a healthy one as well.

How it works

When you give us a call, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet at your home at a time that’s convenient for you. Then we’ll sit and discuss what you’d like to do and when you’d like us to do it. We’ll answer all your questions. Next we’ll walk your home and be able to give you a quote right away. It’s that simple and that fast!

What you can expect

For one thing, we’ll show up on time, and ready to go to work. We’ll polish your furniture, vacuum your carpets and drapes, clean your floors, and scrub your counters, bathrooms and sinks until they gleam. Every surface in your home will be spotless, clean smelling, and simply a pleasure to look at! You can sit back and relax, go shopping, do whatever you want because you won’t have to lift a finger!

And as always, there’s more

Along with cleaning homes, Jericho Cleaning Service also cleans offices and commercial buildings. These businesses count on us to keep the interior of their buildings clean and attractive because they know a clean business brings in more business.

Carpets, too!

Whether it’s cleaning acres of carpeting in a commercial building, or a 10” x 20” living room rug, we have the equipment and the manpower to do a simply great job. Our team members are specially trained to rid carpets of even the dirtiest stains. When we’re through cleaning your carpets, you won’t believe your eyes!

So pick up the phone and give us a call

Think about it. No more having to give up weekends or days to clean your house. No more trips to the market for cleaning supplies. No more on-your-knees scrubbing floors. No more toilets, baths and sinks to clean. That’s what Jericho Cleaning Service is there for. Call us today!

214-317-1867 Free Estimate



It was almost midnight when they returned from their week’s vacation. A sliver of moon peaked through the dark clouds, giving the house an eerie glow. Bob and Carol got out of their car and started up the front walk. They were dead tired from the long trip, but suddenly Carol stopped, grabbed Bob’s hand and froze. “What’s the matter?” Bob asked. “There’s something not right in the house,” Carol said. “I can feel it.” Bob looked at her. “I’ll go first, honey, you wait here.” Carol bit her lip. “Be careful,” she whispered.

And then …

Bob turned the key in the lock, pushed the door gently open, then reached in and turned on the hall light. “Oh, my goodness,” he gasped staggering backward, “I don’t believe it!” Carol rushed to his side, looked in and swooned. “It’s all gone,” she said. “Where has the dirt gone?” They stood holding hands in the hallway, totally awed.

So where did the dirt go?

They walked slowly and reverently through their three-bedroom house. Everywhere they looked they saw nothing but clean, clean, clean. The carpets had been freshly shampooed. The bathrooms were spotless. The furniture gleamed with fresh polish.

The kitchen glowed like the top of the Chrysler Building! “It’s a miracle,” Carole said in a whisper. “No, look at this,” Bob said picking up a note on the kitchen counter. “It’s from my mother. She said she couldn’t stand your house cleaning anymore, so she had
Jericho Cleaning Service come in and clean the place while we were away.” Carol was about to say something nasty about her mother-in-law, but then she figured, what-the-heck!

Her mother-in-law had the house cleaned by
Jericho Cleaning Service and it looked super, super great! “What a wonderful mother-in-law,” she gushed, giving Bob a peck on the cheek. “I think I’ll have Jericho Cleaning Service come every week!” Bob, who had gotten sick of living in a house where the dust balls were bigger than his bowling balls, nodded enthusiastically in approval! “Wahoo!” he shouted.

You don’t need a mother-in-law to have a squeaky, clean house.

Nope, you can do it all yourself. But only if you live in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. A very polite team member from Jericho Cleaning Service will come to your home and tell you all about the wonderful things we can do to clean it – and keep it clean! You’ll find our prices so reasonable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us earlier. And for a limited time, Jericho Cleaning Service will even give you $20 off your initial cleaning. What’s not to like about that! So, if you’d like your household dirt to go missing, make sure you call us today at 214-317-1867, because there’s nothing like coming home to a clean house!




Or is it maybe sort of clean, but not really all that clean? Like the kitchen floor hasn’t been washed in quite a while. Or you’re going to put off vacuuming until next week. Then there are the bathrooms. There are always the bathrooms to be scrubbed! So, come to think of it, if there really is a house heaven bound, maybe yours is headed for Purgatory – or (gasp!) even worse! Poor house! What are you going to do!

Why not call the folks at Jericho Cleaning Service

If you live in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area, Jericho Cleaning Service can be at your door in minutes! For your house, that means redemption is on the way! Why is that? Well, as the area’s premier maid and cleaning service, Jericho will not only clean your house from top to bottom, but they’ll make it shine and glow so brilliantly that you’ll want to stomp around your living room robustly singing When The Saints Go Marching In.

And then there’s the heavenly gift.

And that would a whopping $20 off your Initial house cleaning! Does this thing keep getting better, or what! Of course, this is a limited time offer so it’s best that you call as soon as possible. Remember, the fate of your house is in your hands. Is it going to be House Heaven, or will it be the other place!

Hallelujah! Jericho Cleaning Service even cleans carpets!

Hard to believe, but they sure do. Got carpets? Then you got deep down imbedded dirt, probably topped off by a bunch of stains. The good folks at Jericho will clean and shampoo your carpets so they’ll look like they were just installed. And they’ll do it with eco-friendly cleaning solvents. In fact, just about everything they use is eco-friendly. Isn’t that nice to know!

So here’s the deal.

Give Jericho Cleaning Service a call right now (you don’t want to lose that $20 off your Initial cleaning!). Then set up an appointment for a Jericho team member to visit your house. No charge, of course. Do a walk-through and point out the areas you’d like the professionals from Jericho to clean. As soon as that’s completed, you’ll be given a written estimate of what it will cost – and at that point you’ll probably wonder why you spent all those years cleaning the place yourself! It’s that simple and easy. And you’ll have a really great feeling that comes when you know you’re dealing with professionals who are prompt, courteous, thorough, and always willing to go the extra mile.

Your house is waiting!

Don’t keep it in limbo. Call Jericho Cleaning Service right now. Salvation will be at the doorstep as soon as a Jericho Cleaning Service pulls into your driveway. Hallelujah!


5 Reasons I Hire Someone to do my Windows before the Holidays

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner this Holiday Season?

The holidays are not as far off as you might think. Things just keep creeping up in my household. Before we know it things will finally start cooling off a bit and reminding us that it is time to start getting ready for having guests over.
There are just so many reasons to hire a professional to clean your windows. When you look at them you see right away why it just makes sense. My mother-in-law comes over every year and I swear she keeps a white glove tucked in her back pocket. If there is dirt somewhere- she will find it. Well she has not said a peep about my windows for three years straight and I owe that to getting them done.
If you don’t agree with me after thinking it over than go ahead and get out your spray and squeegee and rags and pail of water or however you happen to do it and knock yourself out. But first consider my reasons.

There is so much to do to get ready for the holidays. You have decorations to get out, people to track down, contacts to make and meals to prepare.
Cleaning windows so that they really look good is time consuming, and I don’t really have that kind of time just floating around. Do you?
Now you may be wondering what space has to do with doing windows. Well, to get them as clean as the folks at Jericho
Cleaning Services would get them, I would have to keep a whole closet full of supplies. And honestly, I really don’t have that much passion for cleaning all of those little grooves and such. Which will bring me to the next reason.
Cleaning windows requires getting into the track, wiping off bird poo, sticky insects, caked on dirt and spider webs. None of these are my favorite ways to use my energy. Whenever I have house cleaning in Parker, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, I like the way I get to either relax or focus on other things because I know I can devote my own energy to something that really needs my attention.
Sometimes we like to consider how much our time is worth. When I found out
maid cleaning in Parker could be so affordable, windows were one of the first things I asked about.
Speaking of attention, that is exactly my very best reason for getting someone else to do my windows. This is what they are good at; they do them on a regular basis. They are going to make sure my windows are done right and pay special attention to all of the little things I would have missed.

So, like I said, get your windows done this fall. Save yourself some hassle and enjoy what the leaves look like through clear and shiny window panes.


Five tips to show your child how to manage their cleaning time

It will be time for the kids to head back to school before you know it. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to teach them skills that will help them this year and throughout their lifetime. Having
maid cleaning in McKinney is a simple way to give your child’s room a new look while you teach them how to keep up that progress through the coming year.
Most of us keep a list of things we need to get done this year, month, week, day and sometimes hour- often all in our head! For your child (and sometimes us) putting it on paper and into practice helps to see the time and planning needed to get tasks done.

Teach them to keep a Calendar

One of the first introductions should be to time. Have them keep a calendar with daily tasks, cleaning chores, assignments, appointments and due dates listed out. Incorporate a to-do list either on the calendar or next to it.

Do the List

The best introduction to a to-do list is to make one with boxes for them to check off things as they get them done. There can be a lot of motivation behind the physical act of checking off the box and feeling that sense of accomplishment. They will also feel that sense of completion when they find out how easy it is to keep things put away after the maid cleaning has made their room sparkle.

See What Worked

Keeping track of what is needed to be done and what actually got done will help them see what needed to be done first to make everything happen the way it is supposed to. Don’t fret if this does not work the first time. It would be wonderful if something got missed. That experience would teach them to prioritize and how to rearrange things to make something work after the first attempt failed.

Journal It

If they are having trouble completing the tasks on a daily basis it might become necessary to create a time journal so that they can see how they are spending it and where it gets wasted.

Plan Ahead

This will be crucial because the next step will be to plan for bigger projects in advance. This could be anything from getting their ideas prepared for an in-class presentation to figuring out a better way to clean and organize their closet.

You want to show them how to list the steps that need to be taken along with problems that might come up or any special ideas they want to make sure to include. This breakdown will help them see a larger project not as an insurmountable obstacle but a group of smaller steps that will result in a great accomplishment when complete.

When Needed: Ask for Help

Once they have tackled a project like organizing their closet. It will be easier for them to see how their room could be organized to the way they would feel most comfortable keeping up with things. But sometimes those are the projects that they might need some help with.
One of the best ways to show them what can be done in a short period of time with the proper method is to have it modeled for them. This might be an ideal time to see if
Jericho Cleaning Services could offer a hand to give the room a fresh start and show your child what is possible when you give a little attention to everything from top to bottom.


Three Reasons I Like To Get My Carpets Cleaned Before School Starts.......And Why You Should Too

While many families have packed calendars, getting the
carpets cleaned before the kids go back to school is really a great idea. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble fitting things into the schedule every summer, much less getting to those much needed cleaning projects. But, this is one thing I insist on.

One of my main reasons is that summertime can bring out those pet odors. Not to mention that the heat is just the kind of thing that bacteria likes- causing the smell to become unbearable, fast. Pet stains can get into the carpet, then the padding and right into the flooring if left for too long.

The next thing you know, you could be paying for someone to come out and repair the floor. That in itself is enough to make me want to look into
carpet cleaning in Plano, TX. After all, the store bought cleaners work for a short time and then you are looking for it again because really it just masks the problem. Those problems can be taken care of with the odor neutralization.

Stains can also get worse with the heat because they can practically get baked into the carpet. So unless you were planning on decorating around that stain on the living room floor, you best get to it right away. Even just a few little stains can make the rug look filthy.

My biggest reason though is all of the extra dirt. It seems like it comes from everywhere. You would think there were dust storms in every corner of the room. When that extra dirt gets walked on it grinds into
the carpet. Sometimes you don’t realize how dingy it has gotten until you get it cleaned and see the huge difference it makes.

It might seem like it takes a long time for the carpets to dry properly and you don’t want wait forever to let the kids go galloping through the house
again. But really it makes more sense to do it in the hot summer months when everything is going to dry much faster. Also, you won’t be disturbing the kids later on when they should be doing their homework.

When you chose a company like Jericho Cleaning Services to do your carpet cleaning in Plano, TX, you have the assurance that they will care for
both the health of your family and the appearance of your home. The process will be efficient and the carpet will dry quickly.

So seriously, do something to help your family get ready for the summer to be over and get your
carpets cleaned this summer. It’s healthy for your family and pets. And it will feel good during the rush of school days to feel like one more thing is done and out of the way. Trust me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Five tips to show your child how to manage their cleaning time

It will be time for the kids to head back to school before you know it. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to teach them skills that will help them this year and throughout their lifetime. Having maid cleaning in McKinney is a simple way to give your child’s room a new look while you teach them how to keep up that progress through the coming year.

Most of us keep a list of things we need to get done this year, month, week, day and sometimes hour- often all in our head! For your child (and sometimes us) putting it on paper and into practice helps to see the time and planning needed to get tasks done.



You know what we’re talking about here. Those little guys who hide under your bed, sofa, and can occasionally be seen scurrying around your floors. Yup, that’s them – the dust bunnies. Leave them alone long enough and they’ll turn into dust bunny tumbleweeds. We would not kid you about that. And then, you’ve got problems, but problem is it’s a real pain to get out the broom and spend hours corralling the little suckers. What to do? Glad you asked.

  • Jericho Cleaning Service to the rescue.

That’s right. If you live in McKinney, Plano, Frisco  or  Allen, boy are you ever in luck. That’s Jericho Cleaning Service country. We’re the cleaning service that puts fear into the heart of dust bunnies, and we’ve been known to sweep them out by the hundreds. No kidding. But that’s not all we do.

  • You want clean? We’re going to give you clean.

Think of us as a high-powered Maid Service that cleans your entire house so thoroughly, you won’t believe your eyes when we’re finished. We vacuum, we scrub, we polish, we do more amazing stuff than any other cleaning service in the great state of Texas. Maybe the world. Honest. Your floors will sparkle, your furniture will shine, your bathrooms will be squeaky clean. Your family will be amazed. Your friends will be in awe. Maybe the town will throw a parade in your honor. Never can tell!

  • Once is not enough.

If you’re like most folks, once you’ve had Jericho Cleaning Service come to your house, you’ll have us come again, and again, and again. Sort of like on a regular schedule. That way your house will always be bright and sparkling clean, and you have our guarantee that the dust bunnies will never, ever, reappear. Sit back and imagine. There’s your house -- clean from attic to foundation, 365 days a year. Doesn’t that make you want to sit back and say, “Wow”!

  • And there’s even more

At Jericho Cleaning Service we not only do houses, we also do Commercial and Office buildings
as well. As you can see, there are no flies on us! Nope, we eat, drink and dream about cleaning just about 24/7. It’s what’s made us the most preferred cleaning service in the area. And having won that reputation, we’re not about to give it up!

  • Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets are dull, dingy, spotted and generally grungy, we’ll clean your carpets and bring back the color and luster that they had when they were brand new. Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bring back life to old carpets.

  • Super, super, special deal

Call us crazy but for a limited time we’re going to give you $20 off your initial cleaning. That’s $20! What’s not to like about that? But this is a limited timed off, so you know what you have to do!

  • So what are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll come over to your place, do a walk-through, and give you an estimate. It’s that simple. And, of course, we’ll do it for free, and at your convenience. See, the thing is, we’re not only the Best Cleaning Service in the area, we’re also the nicest, friendliest and down-to-earth group of people you’ll ever meet. We look forward to hearing from you at 214-317-1867.



Yes, friends, it’s about as hot as it can possibly get. Even the cacti are wilting. There’s not a breath of air stirring anywhere in the great state of Texas. It’s so hot the tar is melting on the roads. It’s so hot you probably are considering moving to Maine, or getting a snow-maker for your living room. It’s just wicked! So, isn’t this a great time to get out the mop, the broom, the vacuum cleaner, the furniture polish, the floor cleaner stuff, and the toilet bowl scrubber? Wow, bet you can’t wait to spend a few hours cleaning your home!

Or not.

Have no fear. Jericho Cleaning Service is here!

Lucky, lucky you. If you live in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, or Allen, all you have to do is pick up the phone and we’ll be over and clean your house in a jiffy. We would do that because we’ve earned the reputation as the best cleaning and maid service in the area. Nobody cleans more thoroughly. Dirt, grime, dust and grease tremble at the very mention of our name! Boy, are we ever good!

And we clean from top to bottom.

Why else would “cleaning” be our middle name if we didn’t mean it? Every Jericho Cleaning Service team member is thoroughly trained in the latest state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, and we use the best, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get the job done right. We pay attention to detail. No dust mote, smudge, or dirty surface escapes our eagle-eyed scrutiny! Our miraculous maids go where others fear to tread! We’re so good at cleaning that we sometimes scare ourselves.

It’s not clean unless it Jericho clean!

There are cleaning services and there are cleaning services. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. Cleaning isn’t just a job to our team members, it’s a profession. We know this is your home, and we’ll clean it as if it were ours. And if that means getting up on a ladder to whisk away some cobwebs, or moving a piece of furniture to clean under it, that’s what we’ll do. We go the extra mile. We take a lot of pride in what we do, so you can take pride in your home when we’re through.

And there’s even more!

At Jericho Cleaning Service we not only do houses, we also do commercial and office buildings as well. As you can see, there are no flies on us! Nope, we eat, drink and dream about cleaning just about 24/7. If you’re looking for cleaning service that does it all, you should be looking at us!

Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets are dull, dingy, spotted and generally grungy, we’ll clean your carpets and bring back the color and luster that they had when they were brand new. Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bring back life to old carpets.

Super, super, special deal!

Call us crazy but for a limited time we’re going to give you $20 off your Initial cleaning. That’s $20! What’s not to like about that? But this is a limited timed off, so you know what you have to do!

Give us a call before the phone melts.

Like we said, it’s Texas, it’s summer, and it’s hot. So why not give us a call and set up an appointment. Hey, don’t worry. Let us sweat the small stuff! We’re really good at it!   214-317-1867



So there she sat, crying her eyes out. Her Fairy Godmother had wrangled an invitation for her to go to Prince Charming’s big bash, which was like the event of the year. “But,” Cinderella said sniffling and all teared up, “I can’t go because my ugly stepsisters are making me clean the castle!” The Fairy Godmother shook her head. “Can’t help you there, toots,” she said. “I’m just into everyday miracles, not that heavy stuff.” This made Cinderella cry even harder. “Woe is me!” she wailed.

The plot thickens!

Poor Cinderella looked around. There were 37 bedrooms, 38 baths, and a whole bunch of other rooms to clean, plus the big yucky dungeon down below. How would she ever get it done! Then a thought struck her. Since she lived in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area, she grabbed the phone and called Jericho Cleaning Service. “Hello,” she said tentatively, “does your cleaning service clean castles?” After a slight pause on the other end, came a pleasant voice. “You bet your bippy we do, sweetie. In fact, we’re the best maid and cleaning service in the whole realm. You know a guy named Dracula over in Plano? We just cleaned his castle yesterday.” Cinderella sighed in relief. “I’m saved!” she shouted, and boy, was she ever!

On the scene in no time flat.

Cindy had just finished hanging up the phone when there was a knock on the door. “Hello!” said a group of the nicest people Cinderella had ever seen, “we’re here to clean the castle, and guess what? It’s your lucky day, because we’re going to give you $20 off the first cleaning!” Cinderella could hardly believe her ears. “Jericho Cleaning Service will do that!” she said totally astonished. “You bet, honey, and we’ll even shampoo your carpets if you want,” said the nice people in unison. “Well, let’s get to it!” shouted Cindy, throwing caution to the winds and doing a little jig.

And so they did.

The busy bees from Jericho Cleaning Service spread through the castle. They wielded all sorts of wonderful, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cleaning stuff and attacked dirt, grime, grunge and goop wherever they found it. “I’ve never seen anyone work harder,” Cinderella said. They dusted, they polished, they vacuumed, and when they finished the castle was bright, shiny, and squeaky, squeaky clean. “Wow,” said Cinderella, “you really are the best maid and cleaning service in like – ever! Do you guys do offices and commercial building, too?” With a twinkle in their collective eyes, the nice people said, “Honey, we do it all!”

And off Cinderella went to the the ball.

Since Jericho Cleaning Service had cleaned the castle from top to bottom even the ugly stepsisters agreed that Cinderella could go to the ball. “If you see a looker, save him for me,” one of the sisters cackled. “Fat chance,” said Cindy and off she went. At the ball she had a great time with Prince Charming, but fell in love with a hedge fund manager from Allen. They tied the knot that very evening and lived happily ever after. Thanks to the great folks of Jericho Cleaning Service! 214-317-1867





If you live in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, or Allen, boy are you ever in luck. Why would that be? Because you can pick up the phone an call Jericho Cleaning Service, the best maid and cleaning service in the entire state of Texas. Maybe the world! And why are we the best? Glad you asked.

We’re different. And what makes us different makes us better.

There are a gazillion cleaning services out there, but only one that can legitimately claim the be the best. But it’s not us that make the claim, it’s our many, many satisfied customers. They tell us we’re friendly, courteous, respectful – and clean like the dickens! When it comes to home cleaning services we’re the pros’ pro. We methodically go through your house, room by room, and clean it from top to bottom. We dust, we vacuum, we polish, we clean, we scrub, – and we work our tails off! Why? Because we’re a different type of cleaning service. We really, really care about making your house as clean as it can possibly be. Refreshing, isn’t it?

As good as this is, it gets even better.

What could be better than getting a cleaning and maid service that does a spectacular job of ridding your house of dirt and grime? How about getting $20 off your Initial cleaning! Let’s repeat that -- $20 off your Initial cleaning. This is a limited time offer, of course, so you better take advantage of it as soon as possible. It’s sort of like we’re paying you to clean your house. Told you we were different!

And there’s even more!

At Jericho Cleaning Service we not only do houses, we also do commercial and office buildings as well. As you can see, there are no flies on us! Nope, we eat, drink and dream about cleaning just about 24/7. If you’re looking for cleaning service that does it all, you should be looking at us!

Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets are dull, dingy, spotted and generally grungy, we’ll clean your carpets and bring back the color and luster that they had when they were brand new. Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bring back life to old carpets.

So now it’s up to you.

Pretty soon that mother-in-law of yours is going to come prancing through the door. What you don’t want is for her to give you the old evil-eye routine, scrunch up her face, and say, “Oh, yucky!” No, you want her to say, “Dear! What a wonderfully clean house you have!”

You know what? You better make that phone call to Jericho Cleaning Service right now! 214-317-1867





Why that would be Jericho Cleaning Service. We’re the super nice folks that really, really hate dirt, and really, really, love clean. We love clean so much that you better not stand to close to us at a party, because we’ll regale you all night long about the wonders of shiny bathrooms and how to track down and get those dust balls to move right out of your house. We are super tough when it comes to those darn dust balls. Man, they don’t stand a chance!

We can’t help you if you live in Collin County

Sorry about that, but if you live in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area, we’re just a phone call away. And we’re happy to say that we have a reputation for getting homes so clean that they dazzle the eye. They sparkle, they shine, and if they could talk they’d shout and say, “Look at me! I’m clean!” At least we think they’d say something like that.

Take a look around your house.

Is the furniture polished? Do your floors shine? Do your bathrooms smell fresh and airy? Or, is everything kind of yucky and icky (To be honest, we’re not sure what the difference between yucky and icky is, but we clean them up anyway.) Now, of course you could spend a few hours of back-breaking labor with mops, and vacuums, and a whole bunch of other cleaning apparatus and clean your house yourself. Question is, why would you when we’re here?

Jericho Cleaning Service will clean your house like it’s never been cleaned before.

This is what we do for a living. Every Jericho team member is thoroughly trained in not only how to clean, but how to clean better. We use the very latest cleaning appliances, and all our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly. We polish, we vacuum, we scrub, we dust, we do it all. Every surface in your home will get special attention. And remember, a clean home is also a healthy home.

And here’s a great limited time offer!

Just for trying Jericho Cleaning Service, we’re going to give you $20 off your initial cleaning. It’s almost like we’re paying you to clean your house! But of course, there’s a little trickery behind giving you such a deal. What would that be? We know that once you’ve seen what we can do, you’re going to want us to clean your house on a regular basis. Everyone else does!

Do we do bigger stuff? Yes we do.

We also clean commercial and office buildings as well. From top to bottom. We understand that a clean workplace increases not only employee job satisfaction, but can lead to increased productivity as well.

Carpets, too.

You bet we clean carpets. Our special cleaning formulas will get your carpets as clean and as close to brand new as possible. You’ll be amazed at how great they’ll look when we’re finished.

Pick up the phone!

Seriously, you really don’t want to spend hours cleaning your home, now do you? Of course not. And why would you when Jericho Cleaning Service can do it better, and a cost you’ll find very reasonable. Is this not a match made in heaven? Give us a call today!


Beware of the bacteria bunnies!

Let’s face it, you don’t pay your sink a heck of a lot of attention. Oh, sure, every so often you’ll give it a scrub then forget about it until next month. In the meantime, you may give it a hot water rinse to get rid of the yucky stuff that’s attached to your sink’s surface. So, it looks clean and you’ve got other things to do, right?

Well, that would be a mistake.
 You see, here’s the thing: That rinse may have made your sink look clean, but it really isn’t. Nope. Because every sink (even stainless steel) has tiny crevices and grooves. Now, you can’t see them, but guess who can?

The dreaded bacteria bunnies! And like bunnies everywhere, once they move in they’re going to multiply like – well, bunnies. Is this a good thing? Probably not, because the more bacteria bunnies that live in your sink, the better chance you have of getting sick. We would not kid you about this.

Think about what you do in your sink.
We’ll help you along here. You rinse your vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, and about a dozen-and-one other things in your sink. Then there are the pots, pans, dishes, and glassware that get washed. And heck, who hasn’t thrown a baby in the sink, complete with a rubber duckie for a little soak. All these things really get the beastly bacteria bunnies salivating. That’s not a pretty image. Because if they attach themselves to your food, cookware, flatware, glassware, or china, you could have very big problems. So what can you do? Wage war! If you’re going to beat the bacteria bunnies, you’re going to have to mobilize your forces and take them head on. And this is how you do it …

Stainless steel sinks

Thoroughly rinse with hot water after each use, making sure all food residues are eliminated. Then, using a mild soap and sponge, give the sink a good scrub. This shouldn’t take any more than a minute of two. If you’d like, use an all-purpose cleaner, or even a glass cleaner to clean your sink. Either method – soap or cleaner, will clean and sanitize your sink.
Got spots. Hey, it happens. To remove them use a clean cloth soaked with white vinegar. You’ll be amazed at how effectively this works. On the other hand, never use bleach, ammonia or abrasive cleaners as these might damage your stainless steel sink’s surface.

Ceramic sinks
The easiest way to clean a ceramic sink is with a commercial cleanser in a gel or creamy solution. Abrasive cleaners are a big no-no because they’ll scratch the sink’s surface and leave it dull. If you have stubborn stains, try using a clean cloth soaked in club soda. If the stain is still there, place a club soda cloth on the stain and leave it overnight.

Don’t forget the faucets and handles!

 Everything we’ve said about the bacteria bunnies in your sink is equally true of your faucets and handles. To clean them use a mild soapy solution. And to thoroughly sanitize them, use a clean cloth soaked in white vinegar, then wipe dry. Nothing hard about that!

Love your sink and it will love you back
Well, sort of. But it you treat your sink nicely, you won’t have worry about the bacteria bunnies and what they could do to raise havoc with your family’s health. That’ll make your family feel good, you feel good, and the bacteria bunnies feel miserable. So miserable that they’ll leave for good! And that is a very good thing!