Natural Odor Removal & Air Purification With Activated Oxygen

The Total Solution To Air Quality Problems In Your Home Or Business

• Cigar & Cigarette Odors
• Pet Odors
• Mold & Mildew Odors
• Cooking Odors
• Offensive Body Odors
• Germs, Bacteria & Virus
• Painting Odors
• Bathroom Odors
• Garbage / Dumpster Odors
• New Carpet Odors
• Smelly Shoe Odors
• Musty, Stale Odors
• Beauty Shop Odors

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What Is Ozone & How Does It Work?

Ozone (0 ) is a naturally occurring substance found in nature that we cannot live without. Ozone is an activated form of oxygen (0 ) with three atoms where regular oxygen has two.

Ozone in the upper atmosphere filters out harmful UV rays from the sun without which all life on earth would cease to exist. Closer to home ozone is produced by lightning in thunderstorms and also by ultra-violet light from the sun. I’m sure you have experienced the freshness in the air after a storm.

Ozone is very unstable and has an average half life of 20 minutes, this is why ozone must be produced at the point of use and cannot be stored in a container for later use.

Ozone will cast off it’s third atom onto any other organic element thereby oxidizing it or converting it to another substance. In the case of odors it will convert a foul-smelling substance into a non-odorous substance naturally with no unhealthy chemicals to buy, store or use.

Once ozone has done it’s job it converts back to oxygen. Ozone will also deactivate and destroy molds, bacteria, virus, fungus, and mildew.

Ozone Total Zone / Ultra V Ozone Generators

• All hotel rooms can be non-smoking but they can still be smoked in.
• All used cars can be odor free, easier to sell.
• All fire and water damage companies use ozone.
• Apartment complexes can save on carpet replacement and extensive cleaning services after tenants move out,            especially if they had animals.
• Restaurants, Bars, etc. can cut down on offensive odors and give their patrons a much more enjoyable atmosphere to   dine and socialize in.
• Realtors can remove all odors from homes they are trying to sell. A smelly house is hard to sell.
• Painters can remove the offensive paint odor much sooner so that their customers do not complain.
• Carpet installers can get rid of the smelly and unhealthy VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) put off by new carpet.
• Rental cars can be deodorized and have smoking odors removed before the next rental.
• Health clubs and gyms don't have to smell like health clubs and gyms anymore.
• Dry cleaners use ozone to deodorize draperies and upholstered furniture.
• Homeowners can have their homes ozoned on a regular basis to keep it fresh, clean smelling and much    healthier.
• Boats can be kept odor, mold, and mildew free.
• Ozone will kill or deactivate mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria virus, germs, etc.
• Sick buildings can benefit immensely from regular ozone treatments. This is much cheaper than replacing              drywall, carpet, AC duct work, etc.
• Allergy sufferers can live in a purified environment free from mold, mildew, spores, VOCs, fumes, etc.
• Businesses can benefit by cutting down on employee sick days by ozoning after hours to rid the work  environment of unhealthy substances.
• Factories can oxidize unlawful and unhealthy chemical emissions from their exhaust systems.

Total Zone ozone generators are the most modern, technically advanced systems on the market today. Total Zone uses a patented corona discharge technology known as “SP-ARC”, Silicate Polarized Arc. This new process allows the Total Zone ozone generator to produce much higher levels of ozone then any competitive model with little or no maintenance. All Total Zone ozone generators are designed and built for the utmost reliability in the harshest environments.

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