Three Things a Maid Service Can do for Presidents Day

Okay, so you may not want your entire house cleaned in preparation for the big day, but there are areas that you can ask your maid to pay close attention to so that you get the most out of your service.

· Keeping the dining area clean is going to be extra-important. While your date or loved one is eating, they will be more likely to spot those little areas of dirt you might miss if you try to clean up alone. By using a maid service, you can avoid this happening.

· If you want your significant other to feel extra-comfy as the night ends, having your maid perfect the bedroom is essential. This will leave them feeling as though they have been whisked away on a hotel break, even when you have not left your home.

· Toilets are always an area that requires close attention, but this will be extra-important if you have a new date that you are trying to impress. In your rush for perfection, there are things you may miss, but a maid will not.

Overall, using a maid service from Jericho Cleaning on Presidents Day is a great way to make sure you enjoy it more, and the person you love will certainly appreciate it. You will be able to simply sit back, relax, an enjoy your day knowing that those finishing touches have been handled by an expert.


Clean Your House for Valentine’s Day and Hire Jericho Cleaning
For most people, no day of the year is more romantic than Valentine’s Day. Held on the 14th of February, it is a universal opportunities for lovers to celebrate their love for each other, and for would-be couples to woo the people they have their eye on. If you want to surprise the one you love on Valentine’s day with a special meal in your home, it is probably a good idea to make sure it is clean first by hiring a maid through Jericho more

  • Clean Your Home For Valentine Day:

Valentine Day is approaching soon. You want to have your home clean for Valentine Day so you can create a romantic feeling in your home. You have planned your menu and the gift you are giving your spouse is a romantic dinner and movie at home. The last thing you want to worry about is the cleaning. You don't have to worry about this and put all your time and effort in planning your Valentine Day event.

You can hire a cleaning service to come out and do your cleaning for Valentine Day. The cleaning service can come in and clean your home from top to bottom. This also will be a nice gift for your spouse on Valentine Day, besides the wonderful dinner you are planning. The cleaning service can get your home clean and ready. The cleaning service can come out after Valentine Day and clean up after your Valentine Day celebration. All you have to do is enjoy this special day with the one you love.

You can hire Jericho Cleaning Service to come out and do this cleaning for you. Jericho Cleaning Service has many years of experience. They only hire the best in cleaning. Their employees have been trained and are well qualified to only deliver the best cleaning for your home.

Jericho Cleaning Service is a Christian Family Owned and Operated Business. They offer free estimates by phone or in person. They are number one in customer service. You get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Jericho Cleaning Service.

Give Jericho Cleaning Service a call at 214-317-1867 for a free estimate on your Valentine Day cleaning. You can also Text message 214-317-1867. For services in the Plano, McKinney and Allen, Texas Jericho Cleaning Service is your cleaning professionals.


5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

It doesn't matter if you have a large family or small family it seems that you are always cleaning your home. From the time you get up until you go to bed you always have something to clean around your home. There are some simple tricks and tips that you can do to help keep your home clean so you are not always cleaning your home.

  • Tip One:

When you are cooking a meal, then always keep up on the dishes as you cook. If you don't wash the dishes as you go, then when your meal is cooked you already have a sink full of dirty dishes before your family has even started to eat. This is easy to do and will save you work later.

  • Tip Two:

Keep some type of organization in your home. If you have some organization in your home, then it helps keep your home cleaner. You should have a spot or area where you keep your mail or bills. When you have read the mail or bills, then put them in the place where you keep these papers. This will keep desks or counters free from clutter and help your home look cleaner.

  • Tip Three:

The bathroom is one of the messiest place in all homes. Between the shower, sink and toilet these areas need to be clean. You don't want to take a shower in a dirty shower. To keep your bathroom clean, then you should keep a bottle of bathroom cleaner in your shower. Tell your family members to spray this when they are finished taking a shower, then rinse it out. If your family does this each time they use the shower or sink, then your bathroom will stay clean and free from bacteria or germs.
You should also keep a hamper in your bathroom. When your family members are done with dirty clothes and towels they can put them in the hamper. This will eliminate dirty towels and clothes all over the floor. These simple tips will keep your bathroom clean at all times.

  • Tip Four:

To have a clutter free and dust free home you should try to eliminate all items that you just don't need. When someone has a lot of knick-knacks sitting around this not only gathers dust, but also makes a room look dirty and cluttered. Having a few items is okay and it looks nice, but you don't want to go overboard with decorations. This will limit your dusting and also help keep your home looking cleaner.

  • Tip Five:

Keeping the kitchen clean seems like the hardest job in a home, but it doesn't have to be. There are a few things that you can do that will help keep your kitchen clean.

You can keep your kitchen clean by making sure there isn't always dishes in the sink. There is nothing worse than seeing a sink full of dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then have your family rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher. When the dishwasher is full, then all you need to do is turn the dishwasher on and your dishes will be done.

Keeping kitchen counter tops clean can be done in under a minute. Always put items away when you are done with them. Keep the counter wiped down and clutter free and this will help keep your kitchen clean. At the end of the night make sure to take out the trash and make a quick sweep over your floors. Doing this will keep your kitchen clean and healthy too.

These are five simple tips that you can do that will help you keep your House Clean and looking good at any time. They are easy to do and you can get your family to pitch in to help you.

Why Should You Hire A House Cleaning Service To Clean Your Home? :

There are many benefits of having a personal cleaning service clean your home. There are things that a cleaning service will do for you that you don't have to worry about doing or is difficult for you to do.

One reason you should hire a professional cleaning service are the types of cleaning that the professional cleaning service does.

A professional cleaning service will clean every bit of your home. From top to bottom. If there are areas in your home that you can't reach to dust, then this is a great reason that you should hire a professional team.

The cleaning service will clean all those hard areas of your home that you can reach and do. The cleaning service will do those Bathroom that everyone hates to do. They also will come to your home to clean when you want them to clean.

What is great about a cleaning service is what would normally take you four or five hours to clean your home can be done in half the time and with more work done with a cleaning service. The Cleaning Service has a team and they are able to knock out the cleaning in a short amount of time.

The second reason you should hire a professional cleaning team over a person who just cleans homes is insurance reasons. A professional cleaning team will carry the type of insurance that frees the homeowner or renter of any damages. You know when you are cleaning and you accidentally knock something over and it breaks. When this happens with a professional cleaning service the item is covered by insurance. Your item will be replaced and taken care of.

The third reason you should hire a professional cleaning service is the cost. The cost that you pay for a professional cleaning service is half of the cost of purchasing your own cleaning materials and doing it yourself.

Cleaning items can be costly. You don't have to furnish the cleaning items for a Professional Cleaning Service. They bring the cleaning items with them. The time that you save by hiring a professional is priceless. You can take that time and do something with your family or yourself. How great does it feel to come home from a hard day at work and walk into a clean home? This is priceless.

There are numerous reasons and benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home or apartment. Once you have your home or apartment cleaned one time by the cleaning service you will never want to clean your home yourself again. The cost is minimal compared to the reward you receive with the cleaning service.

Give yourself the gift of a professional cleaning service. Let the professionals do the hard work that you hate to do. From dusting to cleaning bathrooms. This is all done and covered by a Professional Cleaning Service. You will see a difference in how your home looks and smells when it is cleaned by professionals.Free Estimate 214-317-1867


Don't Spend Your Weekend Cleaning:

You have worked all week and finally the weekend has come. The last thing you want to do is clean all weekend. You work hard all week. You don't want to spend the only two days off cleaning.
If you do your cleaning on the weekends, then before you know it the weekend is over with. You haven't enjoyed your days off or the weekend and it is back to work Monday morning.You can eliminate this problem. You can have a Jericho Cleaning Company come on Friday and do all the work for you. How great would it be for you to come home Friday evening from work and your house is sparkling clean? You can kick off your shoes and enjoy your home clean.

You will be able to make plans for Friday night knowing that you don't have to get up Saturday morning and clean all day. You will be able to spend quality time with your family. Enjoy events and festivals because you don't need to clean all weekend.

You can do this when you hire a Jericho Cleaning Company to come to your home to do your cleaning for you. You can have the professional cleaning company to come on Friday before you get off of work or you can have them come Saturday morning. You can do your errands while they clean your home on Saturday.

The cost is minimal when it comes to the time you save yourself by not having to spend your only days off on the weekend cleaning. A professional cleaning team can come in your home and have it cleaned in no time at all. They will do all the cleaning that you dread every weekend.

The professional cleaning service will have the team come in and do your dusting, vacuuming, floors and that dreaded bathroom. They will even make your beds. How great is that? To know you can enjoy your time off without having to clean.

There are so many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home for you on the weekends. One of the major benefits is the time you save yourself being stuck at home cleaning and not enjoying your weekend. The next major and important benefit is the time you will be able to spend with your family and friends. When you work all the time and never have any enjoyment in life, then you are missing out on life.

The cost is so reasonable of having a professional cleaning service come to your home on the weekend is unbelievable. The professional cleaning service will use their cleaning products. You are saving money on cleaning supplies. The professional cleaning service will do all those cleaning jobs that you hate to do such as dusting and vacuuming.

You should consider having a professional cleaning service to do all the cleaning for you. Once you have had the professional cleaning service come to your home, then you will have them back every week. You will regret not having them out before. Give the professionals a call and enjoy your weekend and days off. Don't hesitate. Call the professionals today! 214-317-1867 Free Estimate

5 Reasons I Hire Someone to do my Windows before the Holidays

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner this Holiday Season?
The Holidays are not as far off as you might think. Things just keep creeping up in my household. Before we know it things will finally start cooling off a bit and reminding us that it is time to start getting ready for having guests over.

There are just so many reasons to hire a professional to clean your windows. When you look at them you see right away why it just makes sense. My mother-in-law comes over every year and I swear she keeps a white glove tucked in her back pocket. If there is dirt somewhere- she will find it. Well she has not said a peep about my windows for three years straight and I owe that to getting them done.

If you don’t agree with me after thinking it over than go ahead and get out your spray and squeegee and rags and pail of water or however you happen to do it and knock yourself out. But first consider my reasons.
·   Time:
There is so much to do to get ready for the holidays. You have decorations to get out, people to track down, contacts to make and meals to prepare. Cleaning windows so that they really look good is time consuming, and I don’t really have that kind of time just floating around. Do you?
·   Space:
Now you may be wondering what space has to do with doing windows. Well, to get them as clean as the folks at Jericho Cleaning Services would be getting them, I would have to keep a whole closet full of supplies. And honestly, I really don’t have that much passion for cleaning all of those little grooves and such. Which will bring me to the next reason:
·   Energy:
Cleaning windows requires getting into the track, wiping off bird poo and sticky insects, caked on dirt and spider webs. None of these are my favorite ways to use my energy. Whenever I have house cleaning in Plano, Allen, McKinney,Parker, I like the way I get to either relax or focus on other things because I know I can devote my own energy to something that really needs my attention.
·   Price:
Sometimes we like to consider how much our time is worth. When I found out maid cleaning in Plano could be so affordable, windows were one of the first things I asked about.
·   Attention:
Speaking of attention, that is exactly my very best reason for getting someone else to do my windows. This is what they are good at; they do them on a regular basis. They are going to make sure my windows are done right and pay special attention to all of the little things I would have missed.
So, like I said, get your windows done this fall. Save yourself some hassle and enjoy what the leaves look like through clear and shiny window panes.


Five tips to show your child how to manage their cleaning time

It will be time for the kids to head back to school before you know it. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to teach them skills that will help them this year and throughout their lifetime. Having maid cleaning in McKinney is a simple way to give your child’s room a new look while you teach them how to keep up that progress through the coming year.

Most of us keep a list of things we need to get done this year, month, week, day and sometimes hour- often all in our head! For your child (and sometimes us) putting it on paper and into practice helps to see the time and planning needed to get tasks done.

·   Teach them to keep a Calendar
One of the first introductions should be to time. Have them keep a calendar with daily tasks, cleaning chores, assignments, appointments and due dates listed out. Incorporate a to-do list either on the calendar or next to it.
·   Do the List
The best introduction to a to-do list is to make one with boxes for them to check off things as they get them done. There can be a lot of motivation behind the physical act of checking off the box and feeling that sense of accomplishment. They will also feel that sense of completion when they find out how easy it is to keep things put away after the maid cleaning has made their room sparkle.

·   See What Worked
Keeping track of what needed to be done and what actually got done will help them see what needed to be done first to make everything happen the way it is supposed to. Don’t fret if this does not work the first time. It would be wonderful if something got missed. That experience would teach them to prioritize and how to rearrange things to make something work after the first attempt failed.
·   Journal It
If they are having trouble completing the tasks on a daily basis it might become necessary to create a time journal so that they can see how they are spending it and where it gets wasted.
·   Plan Ahead
This will be crucial because the next step will be to plan for bigger projects in advance. This could be anything from getting their ideas prepared for an in-class presentation to figuring out a better way to clean and organize their closet.

You want to show them how to list the steps that need to be taken along with problems that might come up or any special ideas they want to make sure to include. This breakdown will help them see a larger project not as an insurmountable obstacle but a group of smaller steps that will result in a great accomplishment when complete.

When Needed: Ask for Help
Once they have tackled a project like organizing their closet. It will be easier for them to see how their room could be organized to the way they would feel most comfortable keeping up with things. But sometimes those are the projects that they might need some help with.
One of the best ways to show them what can be done in a short period of time with the proper method is to have it modeled for them. This might be an ideal time to see if Jericho Cleaning Services could offer a hand to give the room a fresh start and show your child what is possible when you give a little attention to everything from top to bottom.


Three Reasons I Like To Get My Carpets Cleaned Before School Starts And Why You Should Too

While many families have packed calendars, getting the carpets cleaned before the kids go back to school is really a great idea. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble fitting things into the schedule every summer, much less getting to those much needed cleaning projects. But, this is one thing I insist on.

One of my main reasons is that summertime can bring out those pet odors. Not to mention that the heat is just the kind of thing that bacteria likes- causing the smell to become unbearable, fast. The folks I use have even told me about how pet stains can get into the carpet, then the padding and right into the flooring if left for too long.

The next thing you know, you could be paying for someone to come out and repair the floor. That in itself is enough to make me want to look into carpet cleaning in Plano, TX. After all, the store bought cleaners work for a short time and then you are looking for it again because really it just masks the problem. Those problems can be taken care of with the odor neutralization.

Stains can also get worse with the heat because they can practically get baked into the carpet. So unless you were planning on decorating around that stain on the living room floor, you best get to it right away. Even just a few little stains can make the rug look filthy.

My biggest reason though is all of the extra dirt. It seems like it comes from everywhere. You would think there were dust storms in every corner of the room. When that extra dirt gets walked on it grinds into the carpet. Sometimes you don’t realize how dingy it has gotten until you get it cleaned and see the huge difference it makes.

It might seem like it takes a long time for the carpets to dry properly and you don’t want wait forever to let the kids go galloping through the house again. But really it makes more sense to do it in the hot summer months when everything is going to dry much faster. Also, you won’t be disturbing the kids later on when they should be doing their homework.

When you chose a company like Jericho Cleaning Services to do your carpet cleaning in Plano, TX, you have the assurance that they will care for both the health of your family and the appearance of your home. The process will be efficient and the carpet will dry quickly.

So seriously, do something to help your family get ready for the summer to be over and get your carpets cleaned this summer. It’s healthy for your family and pets. And it will feel good during the rush of school days to feel like one more thing is done and out of the way. Trust me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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