Get Your Damage Deposit Back:

Damage Deposit Back

How to get your damage deposit back: Move Out Cleaning Tips

Damage deposit back, As your departure date approaches, the constant worry of whether your landlord will return your damage deposit starts to creep in.

Imagining the pristine state your home was in when you first rented it, you realize that bringing it back to that spotless condition is a daunting task, especially with the stress of moving. Time constraints may prevent you from giving it the thorough cleaning it deserves.

In such situations, entrusting the job to an experienced cleaning service is your best option. Here are some key points to consider when choosing a cleaning service:

Get Your Damage Deposit Back

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1. Evaluate your home:

Carefully review your rental agreement and identify any specific areas your landlord may be strict about. Take note of areas that require extra attention, such as the back of the fridge or the interior of your oven.

Pay attention to blinds and windows as well. Once you have a clear idea, request estimates from several cleaning companies.

2. Explore Jericho Cleaning Services:

Jericho Cleaning Service is a reliable option with a dedicated website that outlines their services and costs upfront. Knowing the expenses in advance will help you prepare better.

3. Plan the moving date:

Schedule your move in a way that allows you a few additional days as per your lease agreement. This way, you can move out all your belongings and provide the cleaning service with an empty space to work thoroughly.

4. Ask the right questions:

Communicate the specific areas of concern in your home to the cleaning company. Arrange a meeting to discuss costs before starting the project. Additionally, inquire about the number of employees they will send for the cleaning, as some companies charge extra for additional personnel.

5. Guide the cleaners:

Upon their arrival, point out the problematic areas so the cleaners can focus their efforts there. Take them around your home and provide any necessary instructions so they can get to work efficiently.

6. Review the job:

Before making the final payment, thoroughly inspect the entire house, paying particular attention to the problematic areas. If you’re not completely satisfied, reach out to the customer service or contact the company directly.

About our service

Jericho Cleaning Service delivers on its promises, ensuring 100% satisfaction. The costs are communicated in advance, so you’re fully aware of what you’ll be paying. For $95 per hour, they provide two experts who will do an excellent job at your house.

Visit their website to learn more about the wide range of services they offer. With Jericho Cleaning Service, you can rest assured that your damage deposit won’t be compromised due to a dirty apartment. Let them handle the cleaning, and enjoy a stress-free move.

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How to Get Your Damage Deposit Back

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